Fall in love with someone who wants you, who waits for you. Who understands you even in the madness; someone who helps you, and guides you, someone who is your support, your hope. Fall in love with someone who talks with you after a fight. Fall in love with someone who misses you and wants to be with you. Do not fall in love only with a body or with a face; or with the idea of being in love.
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children wake up early because they still get excited about life

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If you don’t get excited when you’re about to kiss someone then you probably shouldn’t be kissing them. It should get you riled up inside and should not be mediocre.
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Albus Dumbledore: “ Draco. Years ago, I knew a boy, who made all the wrong choices. Please, let me help you.

Draco Malfoy: “ I don’t want your help! Don’t you see?! I have to do this! I have to kill you… or he’s gonna kill me! 

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Rupert Grint at V Festivals (2007 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011)